Please email or call Meg Schiefer at MSchiefer@schaefferoil.com or call her at 314-865-4100.
Please email or call your regional director for specifics. Typically, there are between 6-8 courses required to be eligible and your regional director assigns those courses. Please check with them to check on specifics related to your situation.
As many times as you want. We have set up the training so that you can watch the videos over and over again.
An 80% is required to pass the test. You can take the test multiple times until you receive that score. The courses are set up in such a way that you must pass the quiz to advance to the next course.
Just email your regional director that hired you or your field support representative and they will help walk you through resetting a password or checking login credentials.
The training has been set up to be in a specific order to maximize comprehension. If you click on a topic that is out of this set order it will not allow completion.